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live with intention

Before Monday blues kick in,

spend an hour every Sunday to plan for the week, the month, the year and your life ahead.



What would you do if you had a magic wand?

Be brave, dream big!

Visualize and pen it down.

“Everything is created twice,

first in the mind and then in reality.”

- R. Sharma



What do YOU really want in life? 

What are your values? Your passions? Your strengths & assets? What do you want to be remembered for?

Discover YOU and define happiness

& success on your own terms.


do. do. do.

A dream with a deadline becomes a goal. Pen down your goals and break down your action steps annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily.

We are what we repeatedly do.

Form new habits and

rock your routine!

Your planner 

 will help you to:

My Story

an unshakable belief in possibility

I want to spread the power of dreaming to women, especially those from modest backgrounds with limiting beliefs.

Some women in some parts of the world do not even know how to dream,

where to start, and what to think of, when their priorities are just to get by.

There are many of us who were born in challenging circumstances

and grew up in an environment full of limiting beliefs. 

It can be our race, our nationality, our color, our environment,

our gender, our own family, or worst, just our own mindset. 

We can change this.


Filipino, finance

"It's more than just a planner for your daily to-dos. It lets you discover what you really want in life and base your daily, monthly, and yearly to-do's on that" 

thai, marketing

"I love the aesthetics plus it's very light to carry around! I also love the Flavor of the month page! I look forward to listing my mantra and activities each month!" 


"I love the LIFE GOALS page. It's like my north star. It gives me a specific long-term vision and direction in all aspects of my life"


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